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​VIC Estate Agent's Licence


Upgrade to the Estate Agent's Licence


Course Introduction | 课程介绍

VIC Estate Agent's Licence Course | 维州中介牌照课程

Beat the Victoria Estate Agent’s Licence reform and get your licence NOW!

On 21st October 2020, Victoria has implemented the new Real Estate Licence reform. The old licencing system still works. This means you may still follow the old course requirements and pathways till 30th September 2021 (Note, you must enrol in the old course, complete it and receive your graduation certificate before 30th September to qualify)

A completely new course CPP41419 will be replacing the current course CPP40307 in Victoria on 30th September 2021.

Estate Agent’s Licence

  1. Now, 21 units from Certificate IV,
  2. After 30th September 2021, 18 units from a new Certificate IV course, plus 12 units from a new Diploma course, Total 30 units.
  3. Enrol now and you have up until 30th September 2021 to complete the 21 units course and use this educational outcome to apply for the Estate Agent License before October 2025.
  4. Please note, to complete, you must enrol, study, finish the assessments, pass our assessments review and receive the graduation certificate (statement of attainment). We recommend the latest to finish your assessments to be the end of August 2021
  5. You must have 6 months of work experience as an Agent Representative before enrolment.
维州(墨尔本)房产中介大牌 (Estate Agent's License)


维州房产中介大牌/大证(VIC Estate Agent’s Licence),
  1. 现在学21门课,
  2. 2021年9月30日后学30门课,
  3. 现在注册旧版课程,您必须在2021年9月30日前完成21门课程才能凭借毕业证书申请维州房产中介牌照。注意您必须在2025年10月前凭毕业证书申请牌照,否则证书不能再使用。
  4. 完成课程的意思是在2021年9月30日前报名,学习,写完作业,上交作业,作业接受审核,通过并发放毕业证。我们建议您上交作业最晚在2021年8月。
  5. 注册本课程需要有至少6个月房产从业经验
  6. 本课程无需经过CIRCOS认证

Suitable | 适合人群

  1. Now a VIC Agent Representative
  2. With at least 6 months real estate industry experience
  3. Language, literacy, numeracy,
  4. Basic skills in computer, typing, email,
  5. NO requirement on your nationality, VISA status or location of your residence to enrol in the course. This course does not need any CRICOS approval.
  1. 目前是维州中介代表
  2. 已经在中介行业工作至少6个月
  3. 英语和数学能力
  4. 计算机,打字,电子邮件应用基础
  5. 学生学习课程的资格与国籍,签证类别,是否有澳洲签证,所在地点并无关系。本课程无需CRICOS认证。

Course delivery | 授课方法

Students will receive a PDF learner's guide and assessments for each unit of competency. Learning may start anywhere anytime. Assessments only, no exams. Online learning is the only course delivery mode for now. 学生会收到电子版PDF培训材料和习题。 按照要求完成习题即可毕业,没有考试。随时可以开始学习。培训材料和习题为英文。完成习题时需要用英文填写。我们只提供线上自学形式。

Length of the course | 课程所需时间

On average, a student spends 40 - 60 hours to complete the assessments. (Extra self-study is needed depending on the student's ability and willingness to learn). It will then take 1 to 2 weeks to process and issue the graduation certificate. 学生平均需要40 - 60小时完成作业。根据学生能力的不同,需要另外花一定时间理解知识,查阅资料。收到学生作业后,我们提供3次免费作业审核机会。作业合格后1-2周发给毕业证书。

VIC real estate licence pathways | 维州房产中介牌照体系

Current pathways till 30/09/2021 | 现在体系 New pathways from 01/10/2021 | 改革后体系

Terms & Conditions | 课程条款

Terms & Conditions

Type of questions in the assessment | 作业题型

  1. Short answers | 简答题
  2. Brief descriptions | 名词解释
  3. Scenarios | 情境分析
  4. Complete documentation | 填表
  5. Write a report | 写报告
  6. Role play | 角色扮演
Note, between 70% to 80% answer can be found or summarised in the learner's guide. 有大概8成的问题答案可以在教材中找到或者总结出来。

Course process | 上课流程

  1. Enrol and login to the student portal,
  2. Arrange your RPL meeting (ZOOM or alike) with our trainer and find out which units you may get exemptions on. Identify the learning gap.
  3. Download the PDF Learner's Manual & PDF Assessments of the gap units.
  4. Complete the Assessments and submit for marking,
  5. Pass and receive your graduation certificate,
  6. If you do not pass, you will have 2 more chances to correct your assessments and re-submit. (Total 3 chances for free)
  1. 报名缴费,登陆学生后台,
  2. 联系老师,凭工作经验获得免课,确定还需要学习那些课程,
  3. 下载PDF版本英文教材和英文作业,
  4. 完成作业,上交等待批复,
  5. 作业通过,核发毕业证,
  6. 作业不通过,学校打回给学生修改。学生有2次修改机会。

Why Vision Training


Principal | 展望培训校长


Alex Shang

“I believe only a real teacher with real experience can help a student to achieve their goals.”

Alex has been working in the real estate sector in Sydney Australia for over 13 years. He is well known in the industry for his excellent sales knowledge, leadership and management skills. Alex is still active in the real estate industry now.


Alex holds 3 Master Degrees in Accounting, Logistics and Business Administration. He is also a Class 1 Real Estate Agent and a registered trainer and assessor.



Alex 在澳大利亚悉尼的地产市场打拼超过13年并因为顶级的销售能力,公司管理能力,创业能力和教学能力为行业人士熟知。Alex是地产教育行业从业者和房产投资者。



Testimonials | 往届学生反馈

Minmin YU

Sales Master course

"Alex is a super inspiring and engaging presenter. He conveys the depth of the contents in a very pragmatic way to motivate the audiences. This Sales Master course contents and notes are very beneficial, also valuable and effective. It contains various activities that could be taken back and used in the workplace. With a good balance of theoretical notes and practical examples. Fascinating! Thank you!"


Recommended by Minmin Yu | Accounts Manager | Malherbe


Joey Ko

NSW Class 2 Licence course

"Choosing Vision Training is one of the best right thing in my decision, I have finished my certificate and my property license from Vision Training, and I really appreciate their training. Alex is a very chariness, patience and responsible person, I'm very grateful for his help."


Recommended by Joey Ko | Director | KYK Global

Yizhen Li

NSW Class 2 Agent course

"所有学习过的中介课程中最靠谱最简洁的课程,课程结构清晰,资料简单,既容易完成又可以在做题过程中学习到真正实用的工作技巧。 新入行的新人可以通过简单的问题,详细的讲解,由浅入深,获得基本的行业知识和工作技巧。资深从业人员也可以更新知识储备,查漏补缺,获得最新行业准则。之后有机会,肯定会推荐给同事和朋友的课程"

Recommended by Yizhen Li | Sales Director | Uselect Realty


Na Jiang

NSW Class 2 Licence course



Recommended by Na Jiang | Director | Haituo Group


Kevin Zhou

NSW Class 2 Licence course

"High quality course, efficient learning experience. I was able to finish the course quickly thanks to Alex's guidance. Highly Recommended".


Recommended by Kevin Zhou | Head of Sales | Poly Australia

Vivienne Mai

VIC Real Estate Licence course

"I had never thought of a lesson so easy under your delivery, thank you, I got my license.".

Recommended by Vivienne Mai | Sales Manager | Mincorli

Hongda Yang

NSW Class 2 Licence course

"Thanks a lot to the instructors and chancellor of Vision training. They are very passionate and excellent."

Recommended by Hongda Yang | Senior Property Manager | Helium Property


Phil Foweraker

NSW Class 2 Licence course


"Head of Sales | Highly Recommend. Great support, great knowledge. Will use again for next intake of agents."


Recommended by Phil Foweraker | Head of Sales | L.W Phoenix

Jimmy Leong

NSW Class 2 Agent course

"Successfully passed the Real Estate course, they provided enough information and materials to make me easy, I saved a lot of time without any trouble. Alex is a friendly and experienced teacher, if you encounter any problem during the learning process, you can call or email him. Tuition is reasonable, if you are interested in taking a Real Estate course, I strongly recommend you to join the Vision Training"


Recommended by Jimmy Leong | Director | Property Investment Broking Services

Aralieh Ycong

NSW Assistant Agent course

"I would highly recommend Vision Training to anyone starting a career in Real Estate. The course was easy to understand and the support is still up even after business hours. The trainer was beyond helpful and supportive in getting you through it and you will also get to learn the practical side of Real Estate! I did my course online which makes it easy to do anywhere and if you have any questions, you will get a response very quickly!"


Recommended by Aralieh Ycong | Student | Western Sydney University